The flexible and accessible XBase platform integrates all iGaming products including Casino, Sportsbook, Live Casino, Poker and Mobile Casino, as well as numerous 3rd party iGaming products.




XBase Gaming Platform for Efficient Multi-brand and Multi-merchant i-Gaming

The flexible technology of our XBase gaming platform enables a fast and cost effective extension of your online gaming site with multi-brand and multi-merchant gaming options. XBase enables the integration of third-party applications with your current gaming site, creating a common environment that uses the same user database, administration back-office, affiliate management systems and consolidated reporting.

Add Multi-merchant and Multi-brand Options in Just 4 Weeks!

Save time and money — thanks to XBase's flexible technology, third party application and new merchant integration with your existing platforms can take as little as 4 weeks! To enable faster integration with third-party games, applications and new merchants, we have enabled XBase built-in mechanisms and open APIs. XBase helps integrate all your data into one server using the XBase platform and a common user database.

Take Advantage of Multi-currency and Multi-language Features!

The XBase gaming software platform supports multi-currency and multi-language features. Configure currencies for each gambling portal independently or configure a base currency for consolidated calculations.

The flexible structure of XBase enables easy localization of your gambling portal in any language.

Increase the efficiency using the back office!

Our back office includes extensive marketing tools, designed to help you to create successful marketing campaigns. Our back office system supports the most popular types of marketing campaigns — tournaments, bonuses, rebates and jackpots.

We also provide a variety of reporting tools, created to help you to manage the performance of your site, providing both consolidated and game-specific reports. In addition, our back office provides advanced payment gateway and CRM functionality, enabling you to track and manage customer accounts and take control of payment processing.

Configure the Look of New Merchant's Interface in Minutes

Flexible technology of XBase platform and multi-skinning features enable you configuring the look of your gaming site's interface in minutes — change logo, color schemes, colors of tables in a moment!

Benefit from Using our Payment Gateway

XBase also includes payment gateway for payment processing between gaming operators and online payment solution providers. Our payment gateway is integrated with all major payment solutions providers.

A Platform That Grows Together With Your Business

The architecture of XBase is scalable, with a possible load of more than 2,000+ concurrent users.


We have more than 13 years of experience of integrating third-party applications, including casino and fixed-odds games, sportsbooks, live gaming and poker applications. 

Next Steps:


  1. Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  2. Demonstration of our games, platform, backend and frontend applications;
  3. Defining project scope and signing of licensing agreement;
  4. Process of technical integration and rebranding;
  5. Go live;
  6. Post-implementation support and further extension of your site.