Virtualization services


Games OS offers a wide range of consulting services in design, setup and maintenance of virtual IT infrastructure. Games OS has hands-on experience in implementing production and enterprise clouds which provide dramatic improvements in resource utilisation, data security, disaster recovery and seamless global geographical distribution of hosting and support solutions.


Our competences


  • Infrastructure Virtualisation. We virtualise and consolidate server environments for development and production datacentres using VMware or open-source solutions. Cloud datacentres offer great advantages in setting, cloning and moving critical environments with minimum downtime and resources. Providing segregated environments for development, quality assurance, acceptance and production streamlines the delivery process and reduces risks.
  • Global distribution. Running production environments in clouds increases delivery quality in different geographical markets and reduces bandwidth usage and hosting requirements in regulated jurisdictions. Games OS specialise in designing and deploying applications in distributed proxy clouds.
  • Business Continuity. We are trusted advisors for planning Virtualisation deployments that minimise downtime and protect important data. We provide expertise in deploying solutions for data protection, high availability and disaster recovery. The ability to migrate environments and installations in a single click presents new opportunities and unmatched service levels.
  • Support and operation centre virtualisation. Virtualised desktop solutions answer some of the most critical problems in running call centres, live-betting and live-dealer studios and operational centres. Virtual desktops prevent unauthorised connection of storage media to workstations. Security and usage policies can be easily enforced and maintained. All the data is stored and backed up in stable corporate storage. Remote desktops are not attached to physical offices and can be invoked from any location with internet access. Software licensing policies can be governed and optimised.

Virtualisation Services for iGaming Operators:


  • Design and implementation of IT infrastructure virtualisation
  • Virtualisation of development, quality assurance and staging infrastructure
  • Virtualisation of production infrastructure
  • Global proxy clouds
  • Virtualisation of support centres
  • Virtualisation of live-dealer installations and casino or sport betting centres

Main benefits of Virtualisation:


  • Decreased infrastructure operation costs
  • Minimised downtime
  • Improved data security
  • Fault tolerance
  • Benefit from disaster recovery and site recovery services

Enjoy the benefits Games OS offers as a certified Enterprise Virtualisation Partner of one of the best platform providers – VMware!


VMware’s platform/operating system vSphere is the industry’s most trusted virtualisation platform, transforming datacentres with a dramatically simplified cloud infrastructure and enabling the next generation of flexible, reliable IT services. Thanks to our partnership with VMware, we have access to this network of top- level data centres all over the world. As an Enterprise partner of VMware, we combine their expertise with our many years of experience in iGaming. As a result we have a unique skill-set to provide consulting and implementation services on virtualisation projects specific to the iGaming industry.